Finding out

in the finding out stage we had to research our lines of inquiry and the questions associated with them. I found it hard to get a primary source ( speaking face-to-face or on on the phone to a real person), but I found one and I completed that pat of the assignment.       I found it hard getting started with answering the first question, and got a little bit behind, but I brought my iPad home, and got caught up. I got so caught up that I got nearly in FRONT! I think the research stage is the most fun bit so  far, and will be the most fun bit throughout the whole stage.

sorting out

in the sorting out section, we needed to categorise our questions into the associated lines of inquiry. It was hard because I couldn’t figure out which answers to each line of inquiry to put into the grid. The teacher helped me do it, and I put them into the grids properly.

going further

in the going further stage we had to ‘fill in the gaps,’ which means that if we think we haven’t answered our lines of inquiry fully, we had to make more questions to answer them.

Reflection week 6

This week I did lots of the finding out stage of exhibition, which is the most fun: RESEARCH!! I have been really enjoying it and I think once this stage is over, the hard bits will begin. It was challenging when we had to find different sources and see if we could actually FIND a primary source in real life. I think I need to focus on organisation because I am very unorganised whenever I go into an exhibition based class because I’m always forgetting things.